ClarifyBI is our suite of data-driven dashboards, reports, and spreadsheets for CPA firms using CCH Axcess™ Practice or CCH® ProSystem fx® Practice Management.

As CPAs ourselves, we understand your needs, but we also know that every firm is different. That’s why ClarifyBI is both easy to use and fully customizable.

Just released – ClarifyBI now allows you to quickly search all of your data and view key metrics for clients, staff, and projects. Also, for those using the CCH Axcess™ Data Axcess Utility, ClarifyBI provides a visual interface to monitor sync status, initiate full syncs, and correct for sync errors.

We’ve found our niche helping deliver clear, actionable insights to CPAs. Let us help you. It’s what we do.


Personalized dashboards, dynamic spreadsheets, and custom reports within ClarifyBI provide answers on demand, from partners monitoring staff performance and client profitability to consultants working to meet their production and business development goals.

We serve accounting firms using CCH Axcess™ Practice and CCH® ProSystem fx® Practice Management with ClarifyBI, our flagship product that includes over 15 dashboards with over 250 client, employee, project, and service code performance metrics, all of which are customizable to meet the unique needs of your firm.

As a CPA and business advisory firm serving our clients for over 60 years, we developed ClarifyBI for professional service firms like us, built in-house, from the ground up, to deliver a fast, intuitive, customizable, and personalized user experience.

Our simple license doesn’t involve per-user fees or high-pressure sales calls: after a 90-day, no commitment trial period, firm‐wide licenses cost $9,995. After the first year, annual support and upgrade plans cost $4,995.

ClarifyBI is an on-premise solution that is accessible using any web-enabled device on your network, and easily embeds into Outlook, SharePoint, or your existing intranet.

ClarifyBI is a web application built with ASP.NET using a Microsoft SQL Server® database backend that installs within your firm’s internal network. In most cases, you should not need any new hardware or software to install and run ClarifyBI, though a server meeting the following technical requirements is required:

– Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express Edition or above
– Microsoft Windows Server 2016 or above
– CCH ProSystem fx® Practice Management 2010.10.1 or above
– CCH Axcess™ Data Axcess Utility 2019-4.3a or above


We pride ourselves on our simple, no-pressure sales approach.

Simply put: the same people who sell our products are involved with support and ongoing development, so there’s no room for false promises.

We have a genuine interest in working with CPA firms who find value in our services, and if what we do isn’t the right fit, no hard feelings.

We offer generous, no-commitment trial periods and transparent, up-front pricing.

The fun for us and the value for you is in the work we do, so we try and make it as easy to get started as possible.

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We’re proud of our prompt, personalized advice and support.

If something’s broken, we’ll fix it right away, but more importantly we work to build a genuine relationship with you to ensure that you receive maximum value from our products and services.

You’ll work with a consultant who you will have direct access to via email and phone.

In the meantime, and if you need support after hours, we’re always accessible at:




Whether you use ClarifyBI or not, we understand the underlying data structure of CCH Axcess™ Practice and CCH® ProSystem fx® Practice Management better than almost anyone.

Let us help you develop, expand, and maintain your custom data analytics environment using SAP Crystal Reports, Microsoft Excel, Power BI, and SQL Reporting Services.

Our tools and techniques help transform your raw data into a clear understanding of what’s really going on in your firm:

– Give everyone the information they need to make great decisions
– Measure exactly what you want and visualize it in your own way
– Catch and remedy shortfalls before they become problems
– Consolidate disparate information into one accessible repository
– Adopt best practices for firm performance management